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Are you ready for LOCO LOCO FEST 2015?

4th of July (yes, that’s a different date!)
13 bands, punk, metal, hardcore, rock, …
Nijdrop, Kloosterstraat 9, 1745 Opwijk (yes, indoor!)

CHAOS UK (UK) – Punk legends with an exclusive show!
NO TURNING BACK (NL) – Europe’s leading HC band!
THE STUPIDS (UK) – Punkrock veterans! Exclusive show!
SUNPOWER – Hometown show madness!
REPROACH (BE) – Alles kapot
COLDBURN (GER) – Hardcore 2015!
CITIZENS PATROL (NL) – Fast & thrashy hardcore/punk!
CHEAP DRUGS – raging punk/hardcore
ASHES – straight forward hardcore
SINNERS (BE) – Up the punx!
IMMIGRANTS – Hardcore/punkrock from the big city BXL!
SHITLER (FIN) – Thrashing keeps you warm!
LAZY BITCH – local HardRock & Rollah back in action!

+ Afterparty with the one and only Dj Sylvio!

Meer info op: http://locofest.be/

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za 04 Juli
Loco Loco Fest
Kassa: €15
Deuren: 14u
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