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In samenwerking met Rock n Load Concerts



05 okt 2023, 19:30 – 23:00

Opwijk, Kloosterstraat 7/9, 1745 Opwijk, België


From childhood friends jamming after school, to the release of their brand-new album Love. Death. Decay., STAKE have come a long way. Musically always very hard to pinpoint, exploring the atmospheric and chaotic boundaries of metal, rock, noise, grunge, stoner,… Winning Humo’s Rock Rally at a ridiculously young age gave Steak Number Eight a huge headstart. While the band had very clear reasons to rename and reinvent themselves as STAKE in 2018 (be sure to check out the “From Fresh Cut To Dry Aged”-docu), it came over as a bit of a strange move.

However, version 2.0 turned out to be a major upgrade, in which they somehow manage to sound even more diverse and extreme, yet more to the point than ever, earning the respect from both die-hard metalheads as well as more mainstream rock fans. The latter is something not many (even international) rockbands can credit themselves for.

Praised far beyond our countries borders and surely one of Belgium’s most unique guitar bands, STAKE will trade festival stages and big clubshows for a quite exclusive clubshow on Thursday October 5th, at the always cosy Nijdrop in Opwijk.

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